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Our Events

Our speed dating events prioritize the safety and privacy of our participants. We ensure a secure environment with the presence of dedicated security personnel. Additionally, we provide Gourmet Finger food and refreshment options during the event to enhance the overall experience for our attendees.

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Safe and Secure

We prioritize the safety and privacy of our attendees, and in order to ensure a secure environment, we have dedicated security personnel monitoring the entire event. Your safety is our utmost concern, and we guarantee that no names will be disclosed during the event to safeguard your privacy until you agree to release that information to the special someone

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New and Improved Setup

During our speed dating event, you'll have 60 seconds to connect with potential candidates. This format is intentionally brief and focused, allowing you to quickly assess compatibility. After the initial round, we'll introduce some enjoyable variations to enhance the experience. So get ready for a dynamic and entertaining time as we navigate through the dating process together!

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Food and Refreshments

At our event, we are pleased to offer guests a delectable selection of premium finger food upon arrival adn during the event, as well as a refreshing beverage on arrival. You can indulge in tasty bites and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable experience with our thoughtfully curated food.

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